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Who Knows About Hose Safety or Where to Find the Information? Blog Feature
Rob Coffee

By: Rob Coffee on March 12th, 2019

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Who Knows About Hose Safety or Where to Find the Information?

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Hose assembly safety has always been a concern for end users who, up until this point, had little to no assurance that the distributors who were assembling and crimping hoses used for their equipment were doing it properly. What most people do not know is that the National Association for Hose and Accessories Distribution (NAHAD) started over a decade ago addressing this issue not only for their members but for the industries they serve.

HSI_2C_logoNAHAD manufacturers of hose and fittings and the distributors they serve have been at work for the past 12 years creating the guidelines for hose assemblies. NAHAD’s Hose Safety Institute’s mission is to “provide a powerful forum for distributors, manufacturers, suppliers, end-users and industry organizations to support and promote hose assembly safety, quality and reliability.” The Hose Safety Institute (HSI) has resources to provide industry leading performance standards for hose assembly specification, design, fabrication, handling, and management. You can learn more about HSI, here: https://www.nahad.org/aws/NAHAD/pt/sp/home_page

The goal of this organization is to ensure the safety of the customers we serve. Now, end users who work with HSI certified distributors can know that their hoses were assembled and crimped to the guidelines the industry has created. Choosing to do business with Hose Safety Institute members certifies that the safety of your team and your customers is a top priority. Make sure to ask the distributor that you are dealing with if they are a Hose Safety Institute Member.

Download the industry guide handbook to Hose Assembly Safety, here: https://www.nahad.org/aws/NAHAD/pt/sp/institute

NAHAD Members (manufacturers and distributors) will be meeting in April for their Annual Meeting & Convention and yes, we will be talking about Hose Safety!

Contact us today to learn more about how you can get involved.

About Rob Coffee

Rob is currently Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Proco Products. His tenure at Proco Products included traveling around the United States and Canada conducting engineering seminars and sales training bringing more than 30 years of application experience as a result of his years behind the desk and in the field.